Candy Floss Machine Hire

Candy Floss Machine Hire #1 Popcorn Machine Hire & Rental Johannesburg:

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Candy Floss Machine Hire Pretoria
The 1st choice in Candy Floss Machine Hire and Candy Floss Machine Rental.

First of all never feel left out or in the dark, be the Party, create the Party, bring the Carnival home make memories today with an amazing Candy Floss Machine, never have a dull moment. With our Candy Floss Machine Hire you can create memories from dreams, don’t hesitate contact Candy Floss Machine Hire Pretoria today.

Candy Floss Machine

Candy Floss Machine Hire Per Day:          R500.00

First of all we stock and supply all accessories you require to use the Candy Floss Machines. Please note that a refundable deposit will be required to confirm your booking. For a formal Quotation or more information don’t hesitate to contact us:


Cell: 072 609 0186

Our friendly and experienced staff is always eager to help you.

You can now find all your Candy Floss Hire Accessories under one roof! 

Furthermore you can mix colours and flavours, serve them on sticks, make awesome tubs filled with various colours for any event or party theme. We also supply all the amazing coloured and flavoured mixes you would require, from Candy Floss Sticks to Candy Floss Tubs and Candy Floss Sugars.


Furthermore Candy Floss Sugar Mixes Available, Candy Floss Sticks Available, Candy Floss Tubs Available, Pre-Packed Candy Floss in various sized tubs available. With all these Candy Floss extra’s you can create the event you always dreamed of. Please inquire on how to order yours today!

Candy Floss

Candy Floss Machine Hire & Rental Pretoria – Johannesburg and more

Candy Floss Mixes:

  • Strawberry (Pink)
  • Bubblegum (Blue)
  • Cream Soda (Green)
  • Grape (Purple)
  • Passion Fruit (Orange)
  • Banana (Yellow)

Our Candy Floss Mixes are not just coloured but flavoured too!!!

Furthermore we Have Candy Floss Flavoured & Coloured Sugars, Candy Floss Wooden Sticks and Candy Floss Tubs with Lids.

Finally please inquire for Pre-Packed Candy Floss sizes and prices.

Did you know who introduced Cotton Candy to the world? Dentists. The first was Dr. William Morrison of Nashville. In 1897 he and candy maker John C. Wharton invented a device that melted sugar and blew it through a fine screen to create “Fairy Floss.” He introduced it at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, and sold 68,000 boxes for 25¢ each ($6.75 in today’s money).

Did you know?     Threads of Cotton Candy are thinner than a human hair…