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SOFT SERVE MACHINE HIRE & Ice Cream Machine Hire & Rental | Enjoy Best #1 in East Rand, JOHANNESBURG, Centurion, PRETORIA East, RANDBURG, Soft Serve Mix & Deliveries.

Soft Serve Machine Hire
Above all the #1 Ice Cream Machine Hire and Soft Serve Machine Rental choice.

First of all with our amazing soft serve mix flavours young and old will enjoy themselves. Table top machines produce up to 150 standard cones per hour and therefore you will be able to serve small or larger crowds of people, furthermore whether its a birthday party or corporate event these machines can produce as required. These Soft Serve Machines are ideal for kids parties, corporate events or markets. Finally don’t forget that these Soft Serve Machines are also Frozen Yoghurt Machines and will be just that kink in the line of difference you need to make that party or event special and different. You can also try different Frozen Yogurt Flavours and ideas with our machines today. 

Ice Cream Machine Hire Near Me have various rental options available to suite your needs.

Soft Serve Machine Hire Johannesburg

Soft Serve Machine Hire Per Day:          R900.00

We stock and supply all accessories you require to use the Ice Cream Machine Hire. Please note that a refundable deposit will be required to confirm your booking. For a formal Quotation or more information don’t hesitate to contact us:


Cell: 072 609 0186

Our friendly and experienced staff is always eager to help you.

#1 Soft Serve Machine Hire & Rental 
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Bubblegum
  • Banana
  • Peppermint Crisp
Cones for Soft Serve:
  • Cuplet Cones
  • Medium Cones Medium
  • Sugar Cones

*   Chocolate Dip

*   Melting Chocolate

*   Caramel Crunch Dip

*   Chocolate Flakes

Mix for Frozen Yogurt Available on Request:

  • Frozen Yogurt Mix English Toffee
  • Frozen Yogurt Mix Strawberry and more…
Ice Cream Machine Hire
Ice Cream Cones - Soft Serve Cones
Before we forget, very important transportation information:

Soft serve is a type of ice cream that is softer than regular ice cream, as a result of air being introduced during freezing. Did you know that Soft serve ice cream has been sold commercially since the late 1930s and still a world wide favorite. Never a dull moment when I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM…

Finally Soft Serve Machines can not be transported in normal passenger vehicles, a SUV or LDV (Bakkie) vehicle will be recommended for the transport. Soft Serve Machines can not be transported in a Sedan or Hatchback vehicle. Soft Serve Machines can not be transported on its side or back, these Soft Serve Machines has to always be transported straight/upright on its feet as in the operation position!

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