Waffle Machine Hire

Stick Waffle Machine Hire – Stick Waffle Maker Rental:

Stick Waffle Machine Hire Pretoria and Waffle on a Stick Machine Rental Pretoria is now available from us.

Waffle Machine Hire Pretoria
The 1st choice in Waffle Machine Hire and Stick Waffle Machine Rental. Waffle on a Stick Machine Hire:

Stick Waffle Machine Hire is an amazing NEW edition to our awesome range of Party Machine Rentals available to hire. We now have the Stick Waffle maker Hire available so that you can create those awesome waffles on a stick moments you always dreamed about. Stick Waffles are perfect for any occasion no matter the weather.

Stick Waffle Maker Hire are perfect for all those amazing sprinkles, chocolate, caramel, astros, smarties and so many more toppings, why not go way out and top it all.

waffle iron or waffle maker is a utensil or appliance used to cook waffles. It usually consists of two hinged metal plates, molded to create the honeycomb pattern found on waffles. The iron is heated and either batter is poured or dough is placed between the plates, which are then closed to bake a breakfast delicacies with a sweet dessert flavor, very similar to pancakes but lighter and sweeter. The appearance is much harder to achieve than a pancake; hence the waffle iron.


Waffle on Stick Machine Hire Per Day:          R450.00

We stock and supply all accessories you require to use the Stick Waffle Machine Hire. Please note that a refundable deposit will be required to confirm your booking for a waffle on stick machine hire. For a formal Quotation or more information don’t hesitate to contact us:

Email: marie@smartcandy.co.za

Cell: 072 609 0186

Our friendly and experienced staff is always eager to help you.

Stick Waffle Machine Hire Pretoria – Stick Waffle Machine Rental Pretoria

Waffle Mixes:

Our Waffle Mixes are not just plain Waffle Batter, it’s amazing flavoured too!!!

Did you know? There are many variations based on the type of waffle iron and recipe used. Waffles are eaten throughout the world, particularly in Belgium, which has over a dozen regional varieties. Waffles may be made fresh or simply heated after having been commercially precooked and frozen.
Furthermore we have the BEST Donut Mix For Sale in South Africa | Available in 1kg bags and bigger bulk batches of 25x 1kg and works in all donut machines and donut makers South Africa has to offer.